Thursday, July 9, 2009

Educational Lesson of the Week - 2009 New Words

We all should learn something new everyday! Today I have chosen to share one of my lessons of the day.

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary recently released information on newly added words for 2009. I looked these over and was surprised that some of these words weren't already in the dictionary. I grew up Catholic so a missalette was something I was always familiar with ~ who knew it was not a listed word; and naproxen has been around long enough that I would have thought it would have already been there as well, but both of these are listed among the new words for 2009.

The other thing I found interesting about some of the words is how much our world of social networking, reality television, environmental awareness and recession has influenced the words we use on a regular basis to the point that some of these have made it into the dictionary fairly quickly. I was curious about how quickly some of these words have made it into the dictionary while some have taken much longer. I did look it up, basically it is all in how many people use it and in how a word is used, at least in regards to how a word enters the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. So I can see why a word like misselette would take longer than frenemy; here is the website if you to would like to learn more about how words get into the dictionary:

Here are just a few of the new words (for their definitions visit
  1. acai
  2. carbon footprint
  3. cardioprotective
  4. earmark
  5. fan fiction
  6. flash mob
  7. frenemy
  8. goji
  9. green-collar
  10. haram
  11. locavore
  12. memory foam
  13. missalette
  14. naproxen
  15. neurprotective
  16. pharmacogenetics
  17. physiatry
  18. reggaeton
  19. shawarma
  20. sock puppet
  21. staycation
  22. vlog
  23. waterboarding
  24. webisode
  25. zip line

So now I am off to plan my next staycation, where I will catch up on some fan fiction or the latest webisodes of my favorite programs; hoping any frenemies I may have will leave me alone to enjoy my goji berry smothie and my locavore while I try to reduce my carbon footprint on the world. I will be sure to post a vlog of my fun and I won't do it using a sock puppet, so as to be sure you know it is from me.

Have a good day!

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