Sunday, September 6, 2009

From Pink @ Heart to Puerto Rican Chef in the house!

This morning I started my day with a splitting headache; to be exact, it was a continuation of how I started my weekend. It was no way to start off a 3 day weekend nor was it the way to start off a Sunday morning. The headache was enough to keep me from church, but thankfully my church offers an online campus, so it wasn't a total loss.

After getting a late start to my day, I decided cook. For most people this would not mean a major event, but for me ~ well not so simple. For me this meant grocery shopping for ingredients, you see to me Sunday dinners should be special, not your run of the mill ("typical") meal. So deciding to cook on this Sunday meant planning out a "not your everyday" recipe and a trip to the farmers market.

I had been mulling around with an idea to do my own "Julie & Julia" type cooking experiment, but with a Puerto Rican twist. So today I decided to test the waters of this potential experiment and make Sancocho. For those of you not familiar with it, Sancocho is Puerto Rican stew. I followed the recipe I found at, a website I recommend for all those who want to venture into authentic Puerto Rican cooking.

Puerto Rican cooking is something I grew up with, and my mother made it look easy! Over the years I have been adventurous, dabbling in a few of the more complicated Puerto Rican recipes, not just your regular rice and beans. The thing I cannot say about some of the recipes is that they are easy! ("Mom how did you do it?"). But now it was time to see how I faired at making sancocho.

First things first, the base of most Puerto Rican recipes is know as "sofrito". The sancocho recipe did not directly call for sofrito as a base, but I decided to start easy (and authentically) and make my own. I usually use the store brought frozen kind and have only occasionally made my own.
So I packed everything in to the blender... ...and viola! Sofrito!

Then it was on to the sancocho...
The link for the recipe I used is:

First I browned the meat with the base (yes, I admit it I used sofrito! It is how Mami does it.)
Then I added the tomatoes.

With a little help to peel and cut all the vegetables (that is a big job!!! Happy for the help)...
...the next step was to let it cook!

The end result... ...not bad if I do say so myself.

But I will leave the final verdict to the real judges...

...mmmmmmm, looks like it was a success!
So the experiment is off to a positive start!
Stay tuned for the dish!


  1. Sure looks great for a beginner cooker. Don't forget to email me some.

    God Bless You,

  2. Very professional presentation!! And it looks yummy! Mmmmm.... I want some!!!!



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