Saturday, October 16, 2010

What's for dinner tonight? A Publix Apron's simple meal of course!

It has been a while since I blogged about what was for dinner.  It seems that I don't cook often enough these days; take out is becoming all too common, and I know that is NOT good.  

When I do cook, I love to try new recipes, especially ones that are easy AND delicious!  The other day while grocery shopping with the hubby at our local Publix, we were able to try "Sweet Chile Pineapple Fish With Asian Corn Stir-Fry", it was the Apron's Simple Meal being prepared.  These meals are great, the recipe cards list the step by step directions and the shopping list tells you everything you need to buy.  Now I know that not everyone has a local publix, that's why I am sharing the link to the recipe.  The items can be found at most local grocery stores, or your local super Walmart.

Like I said it was quick, easy and delicious!!!  Let me know if you try it!

Sweet Chillie Pineapple Fish (Salmon)

Asian Corn Stir-Fry

Finished product... YUMMY!

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