Sunday, January 30, 2011

My First Post...

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The latest Bloggy Moms Writer's Workshop prompt is simply "My First Blog Post"; a look back at My First Blog Post and seeing what I would have done differently.

Well, my first blog post was an introduction, of me, my blog, why I named it "Pink @ Heart".  It seems to me that I did a fairly good job for someone who was new to blogging and really not sure what she wanted to write about (I was just feeling the need to write).  But now looking back at the post, the main thing I would have done is told more of my story.

My blog is called "Pink @ Heart" because that is how I feel. Because of my family history, I am very involved in raising awareness for breast cancer.  I did discuss my sisters' who have faced breast cancer, but did not mention that I myself am a "previvor" which basically means that I am aware that I carry the BRCA2 gene.  I feel fortunate for having grown up with an awareness that many do not have and I know I am blessed to know that I am gene positive because it empowers me to make choices and decisions about my health that someone else may not be able to make.  Since writing my first blog I have also become more involved with organizations who raise awareness specifically for those who are also BRCA (1 or 2) positive.

Aside from being an advocate for breast cancer I also have interests in cooking, community support, patriotism, and many more, all of which I have touched upon in a blog or two over the years.  So as I wrote in my first blog, this blog is as multi-faceted as I am. 

Hope you are all still enjoying...  and continue to!

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