Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fajitas, its whats for dinner tonigh!

For Sunday's Super Bowl I made homemade guacamole.  We usually just buy it (my favorite store brand is Wholly Guacamole), but it is pretty easy to make so I decided to try my hand at it, and it was a hit!  It did last us through yesterday, but it appears that the desire for it outlasted the guacamole itself, as a special request for more was made by hubby today.  So since I was making more guacamole, we decided to make it Fajita Night!

Following Oprah's vegan challenge last week, my daughter has been making efforts to change her eating habits towards a healthier vegetarian lifestyle, so this was taken into consideration when planning out our meal.  I made fajitas for all taste buds ~ beef, chicken and tofu. They were delicious (even if I say so myself)!

Beef and Chicken


Pepers and Onions

Tofu Fajita finished product

My daughter did feel that tofu is an aquired taste, but I am proud of her for trying it and for setting her plan in motion, she inspires me.

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  1. Awesome job!! Tofu can be tricky to work with. Did you strain the 'fu? or marinade it? It makes a world of difference in the texture and flavor. When I use tofu for taco's/fajitas I use barely any oil in the pan and let it crisp up on the outside. Personally I don't like soft tofu so browning on each side works for me.

    Great job on trying meatless meals...even if it's with meat on the side. Trial and error, trial and error! :)


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