Saturday, March 19, 2011

Team in Training week 2 team run

Another beautiful day for a group run, even if it was a bit chilly this morning.

I wasn't greeted by a beautiful sunrise first thing, like last week. Instead the end of daylight savings time has ushered in a later sunrise, which meant having to find the motivation to go in the morning's darkness. I did it, I got up (despite my bodies desire to keep sleeping). I did look for the sunrise, but it was to come later.

Today's training was 26 minutes, so we were to go 13 minutes out and 13 minutes back (or less if we pushed it).  At 10 minutes, I was happy to find I was passed where we turned last week (last week we only did 20 minutes), so I could see that I was improving; but again the return took me longer, by about 30 seconds.

All in all I did go farther by about a 1/2 mile, with only 6 additional minutes, I'll take that! "Slow and steady wins the race".  I know it will get better from here.  And the coaches, mentors and teammates are a great help for motivation.


...I got my sunrise!

1st picture is around 11 minutes in (going up hill), the 2nd about 20 minutes.

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