Saturday, March 26, 2011

Team in Training week 3 team run

I cannot believe we are already starting week 3!

This week we met 30 minutes earlier than the past two weeks (6:30am rather than 7:00am). I know to some 30 minutes would not have made much of a difference, but I am not a morning person (never have been, and I am ok with that), this 30 minute time change haunted me since I got the e-mail confirming our time for this week.  I really contemplated not showing up, but I made a commitment, and for as much as I am not a morning person, I am one who follows through with her commitments.

So 5:45am came VERY early this morning, and with hubby's help (even after snapping at him for reminding me I had to be there at 6:30am ~ sorry honey) I was able to get out of the house on time.

Once again, I was NOT greeted with a beautiful sunrise like week 1, instead the moon was still out (confirming this was waaaaaaay too early).

Moon peeking out from behind apartment building
 I hoped that by the time I got to the meeting site, I would see some glimmer of the sun coming up, but it was not to be...

...I still saw the moon!

This weeks run was 30 minutes, 15 minutes out / 15 minutes back; with a goal for a negative split (something I definitely need to work on).  Because of the Palm Beach Boat Show our usual route was blocked off, so we had to start from a different point, but at 6:45 am we hit our start buttons and we were off.  In hindsight I realize I started "too fast" (too fast is relative when you are as slow as I am to begin with), but I had high hopes for the negative split.  I am feeling much better over all with the training and I am confident that with the four and a half weeks remaining I will make it up to my goal of running (no walking) the upcoming 5K.

I am really enjoying these Saturday morning group runs.  They're not going to convert me to becoming a morning person, but for now I am a Saturday Morning person (maybe I will continue that even after the event takes place, or maybe I will just go back to enjoying sleeping in).  I am especially enjoying the views, this time they came in the 2nd half of the run.

Going over the bridge into Palm Beach Island

We were on the tail end when I got to stop and take this one
(hmm, maybe this is way it takes me longer to get back, LOL)
 Well, this is how my weekend started, hope yours started well too!  Now I am off to do housework, bathe the pups and get ready for church this evening (so excited Rebecca St. James is leading worship tonight!).

Have a great Saturday!


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  2. Beautiful! That would make me a Saturday morning person too LOL!


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