Saturday, April 2, 2011

TNT Training Update - Week 4

Well I can't believe we have been through 4 training Saturdays!  There are only 3 Saturdays left before our race day on April 29th. That thought is both comforting and scary!

This morning we were back to our 7am start, but that seemed to come even earlier to my body than last weeks 6:30am start.  I heard the alarm, but I pretended I didn't for way too long.  I had a headache and sleep was just a better option. As a result, yep you guessed it, I was late!

Now since we gather, chat, and then run, I figured I would get there right as they were making their way to the path to start running/walking, but sadly, I was later than that.  I could see them in the distance at the start point, but they started the run before I caught up.  So I decided to start my timer and catch up.

Our group is a mixed group of running and walking levels, so I had hope that I would at least catch up to the walkers (I could never catch up to the runners, even when we start together).  But I didn't want to burn out in the 1st half of the run because I was determined to do better time in the 2nd half of the run (negative split is still the goal); but remember I am a slow runner so it was an effort to catch up to the walkers.  I finally did it, I caught up, at about 10 minutes into my slog...

...even with stopping and snapping this awesome sunrise!

So now I was with the group, and just had to at least keep pace with the walkers.  The rest of the run went well.  I did notice a few new faces on the path wearing TNT training shirts, turned out the 1/2 marathon team was doing their training run this morning as well. 

Hmmm, may just have to think about that as my next goal.

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