Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's what was for dinner tonight ~ Chicken Tostadas a la Rachael Ray Show

While enjoying some much needed time off from work in honor of my wedding anniversary, I had the pleasure of watching the Rachel Ray Show on Tuesday (9/20/2011).  I personally love so many of her recipes, and she makes them look sooooo easy to make.  I especially liked Tuesday's recipe of Chicken Tostadas because it appeared to be easy to do, and healthy.  So that is what I decided to do for today's Sunday dinner.

Overall the preparation really was not that difficult, but Rachael is the professional, that is why she makes it look so easy. My version did not look that easy to do (hence why there are no preparation pictures), but my final product looked good and tasted good as well!

The recipe, as done on the show, was low in carbs adding only thin tortilla chips as the carb...

...but I did add a side of white rice at hubby's request, so my version was a bit higher in carbs.
 If you are looking for a healthy dinner to make for the family, I highly recommend this one!

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