Sunday, June 24, 2012

Product review: Thundershirt

I am not usually one who posts product information/reviews on this blog, but in this case I must make an exception.

Living in South Florida we get some pretty severe thunder storms year round, but especially in the summer months.  The pups go absolutely berserk with the thunder and lightning.  I often worry about them and their reactions to the weather when no one is home.  Additionally, with fireworks being the norm around here for just about any holiday, including the holiday named "Sunday", I wanted to find a supplement free alternative for them.

I was recently introduced to Thundershirt.  Their website claims that the shirts are great for a variety of anxiety causing matters, including fear of thunder/fireworks, and travel, which are my pups most anxiety causing activities.  "Thundershirt uses gentle, constant pressure to calm your dog, effectively aiding anxiety, fearfulness, barking and more". Essentially, it is like a constant hug around your dog's torso area. I had seen the shirts in a local Petsmart and wondered if these shirts would really work.  I read through the information on their website, watched the videos, and read the testimonials.  With a skeptics instincts I went on to purchase the shirts wondering if this would really work for our pups; especially our "Nervous Nelly" Rusty.

I've had the opportunity to put the shirts on the pups a few times since I brought them, from the first use I definitely noticed a difference.  They do still bark when they hear thunder or fireworks, but they don't seem as nervous when they hear the noises, its more of a bark of acknowledgement than fear.  I have even observed them sleeping through thunderstorms that they would have previously been nervous about.

I actually took this picture during a passing thunder storm.
We still have the Independence Day Holiday coming up and I know the fireworks will be a real test of the shirt, but for now I am very pleased with my purchase.  I give the product two thumbs up and definitely recommend it for pet owners.  And for those of you who are cat people and not dog people, they have a shirt designed for cats too.

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