Sunday, August 11, 2013

NSV - I went shopping in my closet!!!

Sometimes in our journey we need to take time to celebrate the progress that we have made that cannot be seen on the scale.

My hubby and I are getting ready for a road trip to New York City.  We are both excited because its been a while since we went to NYC together, AND extra excited because our NY family and friends haven't seen us since we started our weight loss journey.

In preparation for our trip we were planning to go shopping for new clothes ~ yes SMALLER clothes.  We are both very happy with our progress and smaller clothes are a definite reward.  Before setting out on our shopping excursion, I remembered that I had filled an old suit case with some of my old "skinny" clothes and put away as I gained weight and grew out of them, in hopes that one day I would fit into them again.

I had hubby bring the suitcase down from the closet and proceeded to see what was in there that I may fit into.  I was more than pleased to find enough things that fit that I could use on our trip.  But an even happier finding was that some of the clothes didn't fit ~ they were too big.

It was a definite reminder to me that results from healthy living are not always seen in the number on the scale.

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