Saturday, August 17, 2013

Road Trip Entertainment

Road Trip day one has come to an end.  We are at our designated pit stop in North Caroline, which is about 1/2 way between South Florida and NYC.

Personally I love road trips, I always have.  Long drives can be trying on your body, and even boring at time on long stretches of highway, but I have always found something so peaceful about them.
Entertainment during long drives is very important; and hubby and I sometimes define “entertainment” differently.  While we enjoy a lot of the same music, if you took one look at our personal iPods, you would quickly see that our overall musical interest vary greatly.  Not to mention, that I can easily be entertained while driving with a good audio-book.

For this reason, and for the sake of the driver’s sanity, we set a driving rule that whoever is driving controls the radio.  A rule easily enjoyed by both of us thanks to satellite radio.  How is it that we (I), ever did a long drive without satellite radio; no more static as you drive out of a station’s broadcast area, and with all the station choices available, you are sure to find something to please everyone; you can even listen to audio books.  In my opinion, being able to control what we listened to while I was driving, kept me more alert.

This trip was so much fun because we listened to such a wide variety of music from every decade that we have lived in, even some that we didn't. We flipped between the channels that cover everything from the 40’s through today’s hits.  We sang along and danced in our seats; we even listened to a baseball game (Yankees, hubby was driving).  It made for a great way to pass the time.

I don’t mean for this post to be an advertisement or a PSA for satellite radio, but if you've never tested it out, I suggest you check it out when you get a chance ~ it’s worth it.

And now I leave you with this “summary” of our day 1:

So while the “Devil Went Down to Georgia”, we decided to just drive through it, when we started our “Vacation”, since I wasn't about to be “Losing My Religion”.  We weren't “California Dreaming”, because there “Ain't No Mountain High Enough” that can keep us from “The One That I Love” in New York. I may just wear a “Raspberry Beret” when I get there to see “What’s Going On”.

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