Friday, August 16, 2013

Road Trip!!!

Well the day has finally arrived, our road trip begins today!!!  Hubby, myself , and of course the pups are heading to NYC to visit with family.

Sadly Cat (yes, our cat's name is Cat) will have to stay behind, but he'll be in good hands.

As for the trip, I'm especially excited because none of our NY family and friends have seen us (in person) since we started our journey to health.  I'm looking forward to "show off" our progress, as we have both lost 40 lbs. each since we started.

Another thing I am excited for is being successful at keeping to our healthy eating while traveling.  Usually a road trip would mean lots of junk food, stopping in at "greasy spoons", or as hubby puts it "maintaining a "trucker's" diet". While planning for this trip, we had to take into consideration how we would plan for our healthy eating.  So the cooler is packed with fresh fruit salad, apple slices, lots of water, and, while I know it's not the healthiest, lean cold cuts for making our own sandwiches.

I've even planned ahead for maintaining my fitness routine.  I will be getting my Crossfit WOD in before we head out, so Friday is covered. I also checked ahead to ensure that the hotel we stay at on our trip has an adequate gym.  I packed my resistance bands so that I can do some stretches at rest stops, and I will be making sure to get some cardio and body weight exercises in while in NY.
I initially saw this as a test of my will power and my "real" willingness to exercise, but I have grown to love my workouts so much that I really don't think it will be difficult.  I will have to be creative with my time, but I know it's not impossible.  I'll keep you posted.

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