Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Diet, a Lifestyle Change, or Maybe Just an Edit

I saw this picture on Facebook today (thank you prima) and while it gave me a chuckle, it also got me thinking; diet vs. lifestyle change.

You want to lose weight, are you going to go on a diet or making a lifestyle change?  Or, as I once heard Patsy Clairmont say, while speaking at a Women of Faith Conference, are you going on an Edit. (She said she didn't lie "diet", because it contained the word "die" in it, who wants that).

I asked myself this question when I started this journey back in January.  So which is it?  For the most part I could say I went on a diet, but I always have a hard time with diets because to me "diet" means temporary change.  However when I started this journey, I was determined to make this a permanent change; so I didn't want to think of myself as being on a diet; I was definitely making a lifestyle change.  A change that would not only benefit me, but, I pray, will also benefit my whole family.

One of the most important things I realized early on in this process is that I had to make all of these changes habits, not just temporary changes, so that these changes would become second nature; my norm.

The basic formula to lose weight is not hard; calories in - calories out.

Burn more calories than what you take in and you will lose weight.  The hard part is sticking to these changes until you get to your goal weight, and then (even harder) learning to balance your calorie intake with the calories you burn so that you will stay at your desired weight.  As I am approaching the end of the weight loss portion of my journey, I am quickly learning that the next chapter, the weight maintenance portion of my journey (which will be forever), is really where the work begins.

The reality is that it is easy to gain weight, just stop watching what you eat; the pounds will add up before you know it. This is how I got to be 40+ lbs. overweight; yes for the record that is officially obese in ranges; I wasn't watching what I ate.  But now I have to find a way to ensure that the progress I have made, was not made in vain.  Keeping the weight off will take just as much determination as getting it off took, but it is so worth it!

My plan going forward is still a plan in progress.  I plan to continue to what I am doing, tapering only to balance the calories and exercise so that I can continue to tone my muscles, but not necessarily lose more weight.

So now I ask you, do you have weight loss goals, what have you started?  Is it a Diet, a Lifestyle Change, or Maybe Just an Edit?  Whatever you have started, keep going.  Your goals are attainable, keep them in sight, you will get there!  Check back here whenever you need some inspiration.  As I said my journey continues to be a work in progress, and I plan to continue to share my journey, even after I reach goal, in hopes that I can inspire someone else to start or continue their journey.



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