Monday, October 28, 2013

Motivational Monday - October 28, 2013

Monday's are a great time to reset and leave last week's negativity behind; start the week off on a positive!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Motivational Monday - October 14, 2013

Good Morning!!!  Here is your "Motivational Monday"...

...but today, I would also like to "add" to this by introducing you someone who, one could say, epitomizes the words in this picture.

Heather Von St. James, was just 36 years old when she received news that changed her life forever, definitely one of those "other times rough..." moments in her life.  At the time she was a new mom, her daughter just over 3 months old, and she received a life changing diagnosis of Pleural Mesothelioma.  She beat the odds she was given, and is now a cancer survivor for over seven years, her daughter recently turned 8, and she has gone on to be an outspoken advocate for those affected with mesothelioma.  She has made it her mission to use her story to raise awareness of mesothelioma, and to provide a sense of hope for other's facing difficult challenges in their lives.

While I have heard of mesothelioma, I know very little about it, but I welcome the chance to learn about it and share with all of you about it.  When Heather reached out to me she told me how she held on to hope during her journey, as "hope makes the battle easier".  Life isn't always easy, and sometimes we go through our own "other times rough..." moments, Heather faced hers with faith, love and courage and came out strong.  I hope that you will find inspiration in Heather's story, as I have.

This is Heather's Story:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013


On October 2, 2013 I entered the next step of my weight loss journey.

After a long 9 months (to the date) I finally reached my weight goal with Weight Watchers.  As I have shared, this has been quite a process.  I had been down this road before, but this time I was determined to get to goal and not turn back; after all, I'm not getting any younger.  For the past month and a half the goal I set seemed to elude me, I even asked my doctor to write a note for Weight Watchers so that I could change my goal weight to stay at the weight I was at (which was outside of their recommended weight for my height), it just seemed like I wasn't going to get there.  For the record, he said no, he felt confident that I could get to goal, and from a health perspective, he wanted me at the lower weight; now I'm happy for the push it gave me.

I've said before everyone's weight loss journey is personal, and while there are basic similarities, it is different for everyone because everyone's struggles and triggers are different. Many have asked me what was my secret.  To tell you all the truth, there was no secret, and there is no secret when it comes to losing weight. You have to decide to do it, stick with it, and be patient; the results are worth it.  I hope it is the same when it comes to maintaining weight.

For me the process came down to following the PointsPlus® Program, counting my points, exercising regularly, and making healthier choices.  If there is a secret in the process, it is to just do it and not quit. There were plenty of times when it wasn't easy, and there were plenty of things that could have derailed my progress, but in the end I just kept going because the goal was that important to me.

I know that there are plenty of programs that work and get people to their weight loss goals.  Weight Watchers was the best program for me because I din't have to deprive myself of anything. I just learned to adjust so that I could indulge at times.  In my opinion this helped so much to keep me on track because I didn't dwell on the moments that I wasn't successful, I learned to forgive myself and move on.

The main reason I have chosen to share my journey here is because I consider this a place of accountability.  Keeping myself accountable here will help to keep me on track, and I hope that I will inspire others to start their own journey.  Please let me know if my journey has helped to get you started, I would love to help you along the way any way I can; and you could use me as a point of accountability as well.  My journey started in January 2013, and will continue for the rest of my life.  I started and will continue this journey with my best friend, my hubby.  I've also had great mentors and coaches to help me along the way, all of whom I am happy to refer to as friends.  I've learned so much from all of them, I look forward to sharing and helping others going forward.

Knee Strength Workout

I found this video very informative, so I thought I would share with all of you.

As I have started to run more and longer distances, I am always concerned about the pressure I am placing on my knees and ankles.  I would have never thought that strengthening my hips would help to prevent future knee problems.  I will be incorporating these exercises into my routine going forward.

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