Sunday, January 12, 2014

Superhero Scramble!!!

As mentioned on Friday, yesterday (Saturday, January 11, 2014) I did my first obstacle course race.  I participated in the Superhero Scramble World Championship 2014-Miami.  Oh my what a race!!!  In hindsight, and with more than 24 hours to reflect, I think I should have tried a shorter distance for my first obstacle race, but oh well.

I was so excited to do this race I could barely get to sleep the night before, but I knew how important it was to get my rest, so I forced myself to sleep.  I left everything ready for the morning.  I woke up Saturday morning and was ready to go.  I was especially blessed to have hubby going with me to cheer me on!  While my official wave time was set for 10:30am, I was planning on joining my fellow team members (CBP Heroes and Sidekicks) for the 9:30am wave, so we got out early to meet up.  All in all it was a fun event, I did have issues with the organization of the event itself, but I did not let that detract from my enjoyment of the event. One of the best parts of the event was the people! I felt that my fellow participants were encouraging and helpful every step of the way, they truly made it a GREAT event.

I did my best to do as many of the obstacles as I could.  However, I did not do the swim, it looked much longer than my swimming abilities could handle (note to self, practice swimming).  All obstacles were supposed to have some type of penalty assigned to them if you could not complete them, most were burpees or super spins, but for the swim the penalty was an added 1.25 mile (estimate, could have been more, but not less) run; yeah, because 8 miles was not already long enough.  Among the other obstacles I didn't do was "ring worm", I did do burpees instead, and there were too many wall obstacles by mile 7 I had my fill, so I bypassed the remainder of them. I think by that point no one cared, I did not do burpees for bypassing these.

Photo courtesy of Superhero Scramble Facebook Page

The obstacle I am most disappointed in not being able to complete was the rope climb.  Like box jumps were, before I concurred them, rope climbs are my current "nemesis".  I want to do them, but for now I am just unable to get them down.  I knew they would have a knotted rope so I was ready to take on the challenge and thought for sure I would be able to climb the rope.  I grabbed the rope, took one leap, and immediately wanted to scream!!! Just not for joy.  The rope climb came some where in mile 7 (8+ for me), by that point my calves had been starting to cramp.  The moment I jumped both legs cramped simultaneously and I saw stars!  It was the worse "charlie horse" I have ever felt in my life, and took all of my energy to just stand upright and hold on to the rope at that moment.  I know it was not my fault I couldn't complete it, but I'm still really bummed; next time for sure.

Despite the cramping in my calves, I was not going to give up, I knew I had to cross the finish line.  I think it took me nearly an hour to complete the last mile, but I did it.  I got through "Hell Freezes Over", and while I did not conquer the final wall (I used the ladder) I did get down the water slide and can happily say I FINISHED!  Crossing the finish line was a great accomplishment.

I think I will stick to more traditional runs for now, at least while I am training for my half marathon, but I definitely look forward to doing another obstacle course race in the future.  Next week it is Race for Faith.

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