Wednesday, July 27, 2016

WOW is that really me?!?!?!?! #HerbalifeNutrition #IAmHerbalife

Today I decided to wear the same workout clothes I wore to the club on my 1st day of Fit Camp back in the beginning of March. I really wanted to see how far I have come. I know I have lost weight, but the me I see in the mirror doesn't look much different. Isn't that always the case.

I know my weight loss was, at the very least, noticeable because I have received a lot of positive feedback. But as I go through this journey with its highs and lows, and many bumps in the road I don't always notice it myself. I am so happy that this time, which will be the last time, I have a real reference point. A real before photo.

Before and Now (still a work in progress)

I started my Herbalife Nutrition Plan in February and joined the Fit Club in March. I am not always perfect in my plan, but the plan has been perfect for me. I have more energy, I have lowered my body fat and increased my muscle mass. At times I have been feeling like this process has been slow, but it wasn't at all, it was just right.

I am happy that despite having had 3 separate surgeries since the end of November, I have been able to take back control of my health, wellness, and nutrition. Even when I was unable to exercise, for nearly 8 weeks following my last surgery in May, I was able to lean on my nutrition plan to keep things moving in the right direction.

Additionally, I have surrounded myself with an encouraging and supportive group of people who truly want to see me succeed in my journey and who are teaching me to support and encourage others along the way. I look forward to the rest of this life long journey and to all the possibilities to help others along the way.

Join me on this journey, comment or contact me to get started.

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