Sunday, November 6, 2016

Who is ready for a Pre-Thanksgiving Challenge?

So a couple of weeks ago I heard on the news that we are currently at the lowest weight for the year. The reporter explained that with the holidays coming and all of the office parties, family events, etc. we will only be gaining weight and not losing from here to the new year.

This is news I refuse to accept. So with the holidays fast approaching and my marathon now done I am ready to buckle down and tackle the holidays in a healthy manner and not let my health habits run a muck during the holidays!

Who wants to join me in getting ready?

First challenge starts officially Wednesday, November 9th and will bring us to Thanksgiving, but I will start posting workouts and meals tomorrow Monday, November 7th. I will start a 2nd challenge to get us to Christmas, but since I believe in slow and steady, I want to tackle each holiday individually.

The goal is to combat the holiday bulge by setting in place, or maintaining, healthy habits of nutrition and exercise before the holidays officially kick-off.

What does the challenge entail?

  • First thing it will entail is COMMITMENT. Trust the process, give it the 2 weeks.
  • Follow PinkatHeartFit on Facebook.
  • Let me know that you are joining in.
  • Take a before photo of yourself so that you have a starting point to reference.
  • Moving - EVERYDAY - I will post a home workout that can be done by all levels. I will send it out the night before so that if your choice is to do it in the morning you will have it on time.
  • Cardio - 5 days - 30 minutes, your choice Run, Walk, Swim, or Bike, just make sure whatever you choose you do it for the full 30 minutes, you make sure you feel the increase in your heart rate and you break a sweat.
  • Nutrition - So I will be maintaining and following my Herbalife nutrition plan, and I suggest that you do the same. Contact me for exactly what you will need to get started, then you can get your products my visiting my Herbalife website. Essentially, you will follow the lean and fit plan which is pictured below:

2 shakes a day; Tea and Aloe 2 a day;
a healthy meal; healthy snacks
  • You do not need to be on the nutrition plan to participate, just follow a healthy meal plan. I will send you suggested snack and meal sheets if you choose to join in.
Let's commit to begin committed for the next two weeks and starting the holidays out with a plan. Let me know if you will be joining me.

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